My signature work is in creating "custom” made items from trees or large shrubs from your home or property - creating a lasting hand-crafted wood item that will have sentimental and personal meaning for you, your family or close friends. By crafting something unique and often times practical, I have been able to inspire memories that will last a lifetime.

I also create locally-sourced wood items. Each item is "one of a kind" based on the materials used. I use only hard woods which are highly regarded for their coloring, grain patterns, feathering, mineral streaks, and other markings.

A love and respect for the wood and the gift from Mother Nature serve as my inspiration for fine craftsmanship.
​Plates and Platters

Hand-turned bowls

Wine/Olive Oil Bottle Stoppers 

Cutting Boards

Coffee Grinders

Pepper and Salt mills

One-of-a-Kind clocks

Candle Holders
Using the finest Hard Woods including walnut, maple, oak, ash, cherry, and osage orange

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                              Wood Be Memories ® 4212 Nichol Ave Anderson, In 46011
  Hello. My name is J. M. “Dusty” Rhodes and this to let you know a little bit about me. I feel I am  extremely  lucky, as I am in the process of turning something I love as a hobby into a small business. I have always had a fascination with wood, woodworking, and in my later years, wood turning. As I have recently been “downsized”, it has given me the opportunity and time to work in my shop on different projects. I truly enjoy it and look forward to what is around the corner.

Most of the items are turned on a lathe. Others (cutting boards and clocks), are all prepared in my shop too, but not on a lathe. They are all natural woods with no preservatives added, except for the finish. For the most part, they are predominately native to Indiana and usually within a 100 mile radius of Indianapolis. I prefer the hard woods as they are highly regarded for their coloring, grain pattern, feathering, mineral streaks, and other markings. Some that I look for are: Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Oak, and Osage Orange. 95% of the wood I get is already on the ground.

When working with the individual piece, it is “talking” to me and telling me basically how and what can be done to it regarding, size, shape, etc. Because each piece is so unique with these individual characteristics, it is very special to see it “come alive” in the latter stages of the process. Two rules all wood turners observe: Never grow attached to what you are turning and don't tell any one what it is until you are completely done. The wood can change even as you are working with it. 
It is the love and respect for the wood and Mother Nature's gift she has made available that inspires me  to make the best of it.  Respect the wood.  

I am currently a member of American Association of Wood Turners (National Chapter), a local chapter of Central Indiana Wood Turning club, and unofficial look out for the “Wood on the Ground” club.       

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